RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA.Wednesday (28/1), as a form of social awareness, DKI Bank donated a unit of ambulance to be operated by RZ for serving the needy. The ambulance was submitted by the President Director of DKI Bank, Eko Budiwiyono, to CEO of RZ, Nur Efendi, and it was also attended by the Mayor of North Jakarta, Rustam Effendi.

Until December 2014, RZ has operated 159 units of free ambulance to help the needy in various areas in Indonesia. Budiwiyono said that DKI Bank Ambulance will be fully operated by RZ and it will provided free delivery service of dead body of patient. “We believe that through RZ our social funds would give many benefits to the needy,” he said.

On the other hand, Nur Efendi said that RZ will give the best service for people through free ambulance program as a part of Senyum Sehat program.

“Although, it is provide for free but we have a commitment to give the best service for society. All ambulance units are operated 24 hours for helping people by professionals and they are in a good condition,” Nur Efendi said. ***


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