AMG DAN RZ SINERGI KELOLA HASIL DONASI RUMAH BAMBU JAKARTA Ramadan has always been a momentum for the company or brand to roll out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through sharing. Without exception, PT Alternative Media Group (AMG), which is the market leader and pinoneer in the Digital Out of Home Media in Indonesia.

In The end of June, right in Ramadan this year, AMG held a sharing activity through the program “House of Bamboo”. Through the program, AMG involve as well as invite their employees to set aside part of their fortune to be donated to those in need. The employees just need to put their money into the piggy bank bamboo placed in front of AMG office entrance.

Davy Makimian, CEO of PT Alternative Media Group explained : donations through AMG Bamboo House lasted from 6 to 24 June 2016. “Right on June 24, 2016, AMG Bamboo House was demolished to count the number of donations that have been collected. The total amount is 16.750.000 rupiahs. Furthermore, AMG entrust the distribution of these donations to RZ, because the credibility and similarity election theme of this year’s Ramadan, which share the happiness to others in need, “he said.

Donations collected converted into a total of 50 packages of Eid Gift, which consists of 25 Eid Gift packages for orphans that consist of Muslim clothing, milk, biscuits, syrups, and bags of school kits; as well as 25 Eid gift for elderly and underprivileged families, in the form of worship supplies and basic foodstuffs.

In addition, AMG also participate in social events in Indonesian Hotel Association of Public Relations (H3I) and corporate iftar of Amarossa Hotel. On that occasion AMG provides 50 gifts to orphans in orphanages appointed by H3I and Hotel Amarossa.

“Ramadan teaches us to share kindness, sharing knowledge, sharing a smile, and share happiness. AMG and family want those in need can feel the same happiness in the moment of the Eid, “added Davy.

Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, added, “For Rumah Zakat, Ramadan is momentum for a variety of goodness and happiness as much as possible to those in need. Alhamdulillah, PT AMG becomes our partners to make this possible through a Eid gift for orphans and donation program. Inshallah donations from the company and the employees AMG will be very beneficial for the community”



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