BANGLADESH. “The majority of children in refugee camps rarely brush their teeth, many things cause it to happen, starting from the lack of funds to buy brush and toothpaste to the ignorance of parents to the importance of treating teeth by brushing the teeth” said Doctor Januar Habibi, one of Rumah Zakat Medical Team.

Seeing this, the Medical Team of Rumah Zakat who are members of Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) organizes educational games activities about the Importance of Brushing Teeth at Jamtoli Camp, Ukhiya, Bangladesh (15/01).

“Sometimes we think it’s natural to see a broken child’s teeth, because they they are still children. In fact, the condition is not good for dental health and mouth if left too long. One of the effects of tooth decay is changes in the shape of the mouth and the order of teeth when they become adult later, “explained Doctor Januar.

Rohingya’s children look very happy when Rumah Zakat Team is distributed toothbrush supplies to them. With enthusiasm, they follow how to brush the teeth.

“Although living in a state of poverty in the evacuation, hopefully these children can still maintain their health, one of them dental health. Because of course life in the camp will be more difficult if they are sick, “said Dokter Januar.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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