KENDAL. Rumah Zakat empowered village of Cepiring held Senam Sehat Ceria with children of Bimbel Sahabat Anak and the tutors at the cadre house, Mr. Asep on (26/10).

This activity is the first activity conducted by Rumah Zakat on the sidelines of routine activity of Bimbel Sahabat Anak every Tuesday and Thursday. With the exercise together it is expected that children can maintain physical and spiritual fitness.

In addition, this event serves as a forum to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and increase the familiarity and cohesiveness of the children built by Rumah Zakat. The activity starts at 4:00 pm and ended at 5.00 pm, the Gymnastics was guided by Mr. Asep and the tutors.

Lots of children who follow gymnastics are very enthusiastic from the beginning to the end of the activity. They follow the movements and instructions of the gyms, occasionally laughing and shouting Together.

“Happy I can join gymnastics. Hopefully there can be a gymnastic routine sir “said Danis (11yo), who is currently sitting in 5th grade of elementary school.

Anggoro Budi Arysanti as facilitator of Rumah Zakat stated that this joint gymnastic activity is a form of healthy smile program which was implemented in Cepiring empowered Village. “Hope besides being able to hold gymnastics with children regularly, Rumah Zakat can also perform gymnastics together for the mothers and fathers of Cepiring empowered Village residents,” said Anggoro.


Newsroom / Dani Suhardi


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