photo_2015-10-30_16-32-36ACEH. Having a child who memorizes al-quran (hafidzh) is an ideal for parents. Not only become a pride for the parents in here below, but also the children who memorized the Qur’an will bring shining robe for his parents in the Hereafter.

Because of that reason, Anak Juara RZ Aceh which is incorporated to P3A (Children Potential Development Center) is so excited to learn and memorize the Al-Quran. 12 person of anak juara from Blang Bintang and Baiturrahman region gathered in Ibn Sina mosque Aceh for training to learn alquran by heart .

“Alhamdulilah, now, i can join Al-Quran memorizing class, but I have to learn the tahsin frist, Ustadzah told me that my recitation was not quite so well, I had to learn tajwid more. But It is okay, I’m happy to learn with my friends “, said Teuku Purka, one of anak juara RZ Aceh.

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