RZ LDKO CilegonBATAM. (Raden Mas Hadji) Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto (August 16, 1882 – December 17, 1934), better known in Indonesia as H. O. S. Tjokroaminoto, was a nationalist, one of the leader of Syarekat Dagang Islam (Islamic Trade Union) after the founder Haji Samanhudi, later became Sarekat Islam) in Indonesia.

His struggle stories in repel invaders and colonialist through her enlightenment and writings are contained is a movie entitled “Guru Bangsa, Tjokroaminoto”, a movie that shows the history of a national hero; inspiring and motivating.

Tuesday (21/4), RZ initiated to invite 17 Anak Juara from Sungai Beduk and Bengkong ICD to watch the movie in theater in Batam. Shofar, an ICD Facilitator, said that this program was implemented to introduce national heroes and their histories to the children so they will be motivated and inspired.

“The movie was great and inspiring. I hope that I could give a great contribution for my country too as well as H. O. S. Tjokroaminoto,” Septi Ani Riwanti, a participant, said. ***

Newsroom/Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin

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