ANAK JUARA DANUREJAN ANTUSIAS DALAM PEKAN BERBAGI SENYUMYOGYAKARTA. Sunday August 21 is the day of Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) in mentoring activity for RZ Foster Children ‘Anak Juara’ Danurejan Regional. On this day, Anak Juara Jogja arrival of a guest mentor tremendous named Devi Kiki Andriyani with Ms. Kiki pangilannya name. Ms. Kiki is a student who is studying Economics at the State Islamic University (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.

Ms. Kiki share about learning hijaiyah letter and recognize 5 times prayer. Firstly Ms. Kiki tried to break the ice by building a warm atmosphere with the children accompanied by a playful game, followed by introducing herself.

The atmosphere even more intriguing when Ms. Kiki began to explain hijaiyah litter with the rhythm, Ms. Kiki invite children to stand up and enumerates hijaiyah letter to the rhythm exemplified by Ms. Kiki.

A few minutes later Ms. Kiki had the children sit back and started to explain the nature of prayer 5 times.At the end of delivery of material, Ms. Kiki play a children’s video about the importance of prayer 5 times. Children are very enthusiastic to follow the material provided by Ms. Kiki.

And at the end of the session the children and mentor took a photo together cheerfully with happy expression that cannot be dammed.
“Thank you Ms. Kiki who has been willing to take the time to give knowledge to children in the mentoring and thanks to RZ which has brought a mentor to make our guests happy and cheerful.” said Wanitis, Branch Manager of RZ Yogyakarta.


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