ANAK JUARA JOGJA TAMPIL DI LIVE DI TVYOGYAKARTA. Children Potential Development Center (P3A) is one of Rumah Zakat program that aims to maintain and develop the potential of children, both in the arts, sports or Quran.

Angklung class is one of P3A Rumah Zakat program. Based in Condongcatur in cooperation between Al qonaah mosque and Rumah Zakat, 30 children joined in Angklung Class practicing every week to improve proficiency in playing a musical instrument.

“Juara Angklung groups also joined ‘Sanggar Ayo Menari Yogyakarta’studio Champion, so that when there is an event held by the Studio, Juara Angklung groups are always invited” Zaitun explained when questioned on Monday (13/03).

As Sunday (12/3) Juara Angklung group performed live on JogjaTV, one of the private TV station in Yogyakarta. Together with other art groups joined in ‘Sanggar Ayo Menari Yogyakarta’studio, performing from 05 pm until 06.00 pm.

“From the preparation through the performace, Anak Juara highly enthusiastic participated in the event since noon. Despite having to wait for the time perform is long enough, they still spiritedly wait till it comes time to perform that they can still perform with excellence, sang Suwe Ora Jamu “said Olive.

Branch Manager Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta, Warnitis hope this activity become an inspiration. “Hopefully we can inspire other children to develop their talents” She concluded.

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