ANAK JUARA MEDAN ASYIKNYA PELAJARI SEJARAHMEDAN. In the 2nd meeting of Anak Juara Medan coaching, the children had a visit Museum of North Sumatra Province. Children welcomed that event very enthusiastically. On the occasion the children would receive a gift while visiting the Museum of North Sumatra Province. Unlike the previous week, the children’s skills were being trained through various competitions.

Before leaving together to the museum, children gathered at Masjid Baitul Mukmin, they are lined up neatly to be checked their Fajr and Dhuha prayer, and also their nail hygiene and completeness of stationery. Once completed, the chldren was getting ready to head to the Museum of North Sumatra Province.

On arrival at the Museum of North Sumatra Province, the children were greeted warmly by the Museum staff. They were invited to enter a room to listen to the explanation of the historical objects found in the Museum. After listening to the explanation, the child began to tour other historical places. “Hey look, there are a lot of Dutch era tools.” Said Dina to her friends amazed.

“Alhamdulillah we got a lot of the benefits of visiting the museum, children can recognize cultures of North Sumatra multicultural as custom homes and custom clothing, statues of Hindu-Buddhist relics, tombstones, ancient Koran, replica Azizi Mosque in Tanjung Pura, tooling Dutch colonial era, traditional toys.” said Siti Balkis, SPM (Scholarship Program Management) of Rumah Zakat Medan.



Newsroom / Ai Ratih Rusmayanti


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