anak-juara-mtt-sulawesi-berkreasi-lewat-prakaryaMAKASSAR. On Sunday (11/13) MTT Regional Sulawesi together with RZ Makassar implemented mentoring and distribution of MTT scholarships to 30 beneficiaries. This event was held at RZ Makassar’s Office, Jl. Sunu No. 32B.
In mentoring this time, besides conducting training of creation the beneficiaries are also given knowledge of Islam. Mentoring for parents held at 3rd floor, while mentoring held in the 2nd floor which began at 09:30 am. Mentoring for parents filled by Ustadz Zulhadi who gave his lecture on “Return To Fitrah”.

“Before birth, man has tauhid. So that newborns have a straight faith. Only then he gets adult, elderly people and environmental factors make faith change. “Said Ustaz Zul who recalled the importance of straight faith. The parents listen carefully to material delivered.

in a different place on the 2nd floor, the children participated in the Ice Breaking guided by mentor. The ambiance joy felt when seeing the smiles and laughter on their faces. There is advice and motivation hidden for the children in the ice breaking. After completion of ice breaking, mentor then provided training of creations for children.

Training of creations this time explained about how to make door decorations with the name ’Dream Catcher craft’. Mentor explained and introduced the necessary ingredients. The ingredients consist of flannel, colorful ice cream sticks, woolen yarn, glue, beads and rope to hang. Then the mentor exemplifies how to make such creations in front of the children. After the completion and it was understood by the children, then children divided into groups and given the task to practice as a group. They are required to cooperate with each other and given the freedom to make decorations with a model and creativity from each group.

The students enjoyed and felt happy to follow a series of mentoring, so even with the parents who olemnly listened to lectures from Ustadz Zulhadi. After mentoring over, then scholarships distributed to beneficiaries. With the guidance of Islam, the parents and children can reap lessons.

Newsroom/Kaharrudin Hatta

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