anak-juara-mtt-sumbagsel-asyik-belajar-hadrohPALEMBANG. Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) Sumbagsel in cooperation with RZ distribute special scholarships in 8 areas to 95 beneficiaries. One of the area is Ilir Timur I, Palembang.

On Tuesday (11/15) Located at Masjid Al-Hidayatullah Jamik Palembang, conducted mentoring with the theme of train children’s creativity, the mentoring attended by Ustad Munir who will train the boys to learn Hadroh, meanwhile girls and parents still undergoing mentoring as usual.

Ustad Munir explained how to play hadroh, ranging from the theory to practice on playing a musical instrument hadroh directly. One by one the children are welcomed to try playing a musical instrument hadroh. After that, they try to play together, collaborating to play hadroh.

The children were very enthusiastic following hadroh lesson, such as Romadhon a vocational schools student who majoring Automotive is very enthusiastic about learning hadroh. “It was fun to learn hadroh, in school, I usually work with the engine, here I learn hadroh,” said Romadhon.

Ustad Munir also explained, “Certainly 3 hours is not enough to study hadroh. There are some children who can play hadroh and some that still need a lot of exercise. But if they play together they are not harmonized yet”.

Newsroom/Didi Sabir

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