RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. Juara orphans kafalah RZ Aceh participate the developing activity. The activity is held regularly and performed each month. This time, the activity carried out in RZ Aceh Office 3rd Floor on November 13 2015.

The activity was filled directly by the Project Coordinator of RZ Aceh, Muharrahman with his material about those who read and understand the Quran. “For people who read the Koran routinely God shall counts the intelligence to him, while for those who understand the contents of the Quran, God will give strength to his faith”. Similarly, he said.

The Activity that lasted for one hour started from 9:00 AM until 10:00 am was followed by 50s orphans from Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar. They followed the activity with full attention.

In the development activities, the orphans are also directed to continue reading and memorizing the Quran in order to become a good and pious Muslim.

Orphans are challenged to continually improve their memorization of the Quran. From the participants that attend there are many orphans who have a lot of memorization, there have one juz, 2 Juz and some have already memorized 6 Juz. ***

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