BANDA ACEH (14/09) – Rumah Zakat Aceh give support to Anak Juara Children in participating tailor training. All of these children are Acehnese orphans who are included in the Orphan Kafalah Program (OKP) who have received scholarships every month.

This training program was carried out in collaboration with Putri Custum, one of the institutions that concentrated on sewing training. 10 Children who are still in junior high school and high school also join this program.

The training program implemented is expected to increase children’s skills and can be useful after completing the training. Muharrahman as the Project Coordinator said that this program is expected to be useful for children so that they can be more independent after completing high school.

Vania, one of the participant who participated in the program, was pleased with the activity. This activity has a positive impact on the skills from the previous ones that cannot be at all until now they can sew. “Vania can now sew skirts, clothes and now learn for robe,” said Vania.



SBM / Lailatul Istikhomah

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