ANAK JUARA RZ TUMBUHKAN KEBIASAAN RAJIN MENABUNGBANDAR LAMPUNG. On Sunday (1/29) 22 Juara children of Sukabumi area, Bandar Lampung attended mentoring activity. This time the theme of mentoring is “Bang, Bing, Bung, Nyook Kita Nabung”.

Children make their own piggy bank. They use used cardboard to be used as a piggy bank. Piggy bank made from thick cardboard base measuring 30 cm long and 9 cm in diameter ± coated wrapping paper with various interesting cartoon images, such as princess, Ben 10, Doraemon, and other images.

“I often find school age children love to snack, for that, this time coaching aims to educate and encourage children to save, whatever can be saved.” Said Ezza as presenters

“Saving money is also has a lot of benefits, such the money is safe when there is important need someday, get used to live frugally as wasteful are friends of demon, could be to buy the needs that we need later, for example, wanted to buy a bike, good clothes, or nice hand phone, or the saving can be used for Hajj and Umrah if you save lots of you money” said Ezza explained to children.

“So, who wants to save money?” all children raised their hand and are committed to save their money at that time. Children save the money started from 1,000 per day, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000, the important matter is to be consistent.

“My school pocket money is Rp 5,000, Rp 2,000 for transportation, Rp 1,000 for school snacks, and Insya Allah I’ll use Rp 2,000 for saving” said Nurwahyuningsih after completing her piggy bank.

Newsroom/Yanyan Budiman
Bandar Lampung

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