Islam does not deny the happiness of life in the world, which among them arises from property. Besides bringing happiness, property is also important in supporting our worship. Starting from the main worship such as zakat and pilgrimage, until the worship of sunna like alms. Therefore, the Prophet invites his people to the spirit of seeking sustenance in order to fulfill obligations to Allah and the people around him.

“Seeking lawful (halal) sustenance after working the fardhu” (HR Ath-Thabrani)

“Whoever goes to great lengths to earn a living for his family is similar to a mujahid in the way of Allah azza wa jalla.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

In prayer, the Messenger of Allah taught us not only to ask for useful knowledge, but also good treasure and good deeds because everything is good in the sight of Allah and benefits ourselves.

“O Allah, I plead to you, give me useful knowledge, good sustenance, and good deeds received by You” (Narrated by Ibn Majah)

The Prophet also encouraged us to pray for God’s sufficiency in the affairs of sustenance.

“O Allah! Give me with thy righteousness that I may be saved from the unlawful. Celebrate me with Your pleasure so that I do not ask from Thy beside you. “(Tirmidhi)

Of course, in addition to praying we should also try earnestly. If we pray to be given sufficient and lawful provision, we must really work and seek for the sustenance. A good prayer will increase our spirits in the struggle to make it happen.

Reference: Dream and Pray / Works, @ Doaindah / Publisher: QultumMedia


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