KARAWANG, Sunday (01/09). Coinciding with the New Year, 1st Muharram 1441 Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Bandung conducted a food alert expedition in Cilele Village, Wanajaya, Kab. Karawang Prov. West Java.

Cilele Village is a settlement that is behind the Karawang Industrial Estate and stands on forest land. The main commodity, for now, is making charcoal, according to Tarip who has been occupying Cilele Village since his grandfather’s time.

A total of 19 volunteers participated in the success of this expedition and the local residents followed it with enthusiasm, seen from 67 more children who are so eager to take part in morning exercises, games, and motivational classes. Along with 122 parents who were no less enthusiastic about attending free health counseling and checking.

Enthusiastic residents made an impression on the volunteers, especially for the ethics and attitudes of local residents who highly respected the guests. Enthusiastic residents can also be seen from the distance of the residents’ homes that must be taken for miles to attend the activity.

There are a number of other additional events such as the distribution of snacks, heavy meals, and the distribution of Superqurban. Tarip also as a local resident feels greatly helped by this expedition, especially when the health check is free because the distance from the health center to the settlement is very far away.

“Sis, I am very happy that you can visit here. I am happy when the children are happy. I am also happy that the people here can get free health checks because if we want to check our health we have to go down (city) and it is very far. I hope continual success for Rumah Zakat and all the brothers. Superqurban is really good sis, it is rare and it has been a long time I didn’t eat meat, I am already grateful when I can eat rice with salt. Thank you sis, I feel taken care of. Hopefully, Rumah Zakat continues to be more advanced in helping the community, can share in various regions and always be blessed.” Dodo a housewife with 2 children happily said the happy feeling can be seen from the unstoppable tears pouring out.


Dhika / Hanaa Afifah

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