antusias-warga-jagir-sambut-kornet-superqurbanSURABAYA.(11/18), Volunteer of RZ Surabaya distributed 236 SuperQurban corned in Jl. Jagir Sidoresmo gg. 12 Wonokromo, Surabaya. The action took place at 08:00 to 10:00 am, the event was attended by 6 volunteers and accompanied by Mr. Sudirman or better known as Mr. Brengos who are local residents.

The distribution of corned beef in the region is an effort to get closer with residents who live near the RZ’s warehouse. There are 118 beneficiaries in action today. Pak Budi, as chairman of RT in the region expressed gratitude for the assistance provided to the residents. “Hopefully you get the best reward for Allah, may RZ be more successful in the future,” he said.

Andre, as Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Surabaya revealed that distribution activities should also be carried out in the area around the warehouse. “Share it with anyone, but do not forget to share it with the nearest neighbors, it’s more important. Residents of Jagir Sidoresmo alley 12 is the closest neighbor of RZ’s warehouse so that if RZ can spread SuperQurban throughout Indonesia, it should also be shared with the nearest neighbors, ” he concluded.


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