ANTUSIASME ANAK-ANAK DI PROGRAM PELAJAR SIAGA BENCANA RELAWAN RZ MAKASSARMAKASSAR. Efforts for Disaster Reduction, Volunteer of RZ Makassar carried out Student alert to disaster program in SD Berbantuan Bungaya. A total of 75 students in elementary Assisted Bungaya located at Jl. Kumala, Makassar participated in the Student Disaster (PSB) held by Volunteer RZ Makassar on Tuesday (31/05) ago.

Salma, as the speaker provide materials on First Aid in Accidents (P3K). All students are very enthusiastic listening to the direction because this is the first time they get this kind of knowledge, especially when they are given the opportunity to become a pilot model of how to bandage injuries or fractures.

“Me! I Me!” shouted students enthusiastically. Andika and Abdillah elected, although a bit shy, their confidence is high.

Student alert to disaster (PSB) is a program aimed to provide early knowledge to the students to be ready to face any eventualities that occurred. Minimally to save their selves

“PSB Program is our step in the framework of disaster risk reduction and become one of the efforts in creating disaster resilient schools in Indonesia.” Explained Herlan as RZ Volunteers Coordinator

Given the fact that Indonesia is a country prone to disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods and so forth, then as efforts for preparedness to face disaster at any time there and as an attempt to reduce disaster risk, Student alert to disaster program disaster should run.

Mr. Arlina Arafat, as head of the school admitted that she is grateful because the Volunteers chose this school for PSB activities. Hopefully this activity can continue.
“Alhamdulillah… we are very grateful and thanks to Volunteers, hopefully these activities don not stop till here” Said Mrs. Arlina.


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