aries-anak-juara-berprestasi-diterima-di-universitas-pertaminaBANGKALAN. (08/24). Fondly called Aries, he lives in Jl. Sumber Sari No. 19 RT 04 / RW 03 Banyuajuh Village, Kamal District, Bangkalan, Aris is beneficiary of ceria scholarship in RZ’s ICD Banyuajuh. Many achievements in both academic and non academic fields have been achieved.

The boy who was born August 1, 1997 had become the Pioneer students of Orderly Traffic of Bangkalan regency level. In the field of sport he managed to be the winner in Volly Ball in district level, even in the world of documentary films and acting ever he had been named as the 1st and the Best Actor of SMAN 2 Bangkalan.

In addition to excel in non-academic, academic achievement Aries is no less proud. He won the 2nd ranking parallel in grade level. The second son of three sibling from Rusli Muhammad (decease) did not stop reaching the achievement, after graduating from high school, he continues his education at the college level through achievements category and test, therefore he passed the test and registered as a student in the University of Pertamina, Computer Science Program. But unfortunately he was just about not to register himself because he got no money.

His mother Siti Mariyah, only sell food by order is not able to finance him up to college. “I am thankful received in the University of Pertamina, although the cost of re-registration is limited” Thus the he said of Aries to Ja’par RZ inspiring volunteer. The boy with the full name of Aries Dwi Prasetiyo determined to continue college while working in order to repay the cost of re-registration and of course continuing education activities at the college.

Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto

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