MALANG. (21/01). Rumah Zakat Malang Volunteer together with Cita Sehat Fondation held Care for Teen (CFT) program at YPAC Malang. YPAC is an integrated social service provider of rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

The visit was held in the framework of new volunteer orientation of Rumah Zakat Malang Volunteers. The purpose of this event is to cultivate a new volunteer love to be more caring and sensitive to the people around him.

Prior to the visit the volunteers took a business action by way of selling mineral water contents of 1.5 liters that brought time to go orientation.

They spread to some point in search of target consumers who will buy the water. This mineral water they sell starting from Rp. 5,000 up to Rp. 15,000 per bottle. After finishing the merchandise, volunteers then headed for the market to spend on hygiene kits. These hygiene kits will be donated to YPAC.

The hygiene kits purchased in the form of 3 brooms, 1 duster, 1 fruit waste basket, 2 pieces of tissue, 2 pieces of mops and 1 fruit cikrak (garbage container).

After buying the hygiene kits, 15 new volunteers went to YPAC located in Bunulrejo Village Blimbing District of Malang.

YPAC dormitories are occupied by approximately 25 children with disabilities and special needs. The average child in YPAC carries a mental disorder, autism, and cerebral palsy or motor system disruption. New volunteers who participate in this event will practice and adapt to children with special needs.

This event is packed quite fun because all the new volunteers can mingle with children with disabilities. There are even some children with disabilities that offer a heart-wrenching song, because it succeeds in making the relatives shed tears.

The visit to YPAC ended with Supplementary Feeding (PMT). They all also take pictures together to capture this happy moment.

“Alhamdulillah this event can run in accordance with the plan. New volunteers can also package events interestingly even though preparation time is quite short. Hopefully this kind of event can often be done, so the happiness can remain channeled to all people “, said Diah Krisdayanti as the person in charge of this activity.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu


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