ASAH KREATIFITAS, INI KARYA CANTIK SISWA JUARAPEKANBARU.On Thursday (12/01) students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru created new handicraft work in the form of handicraft brooch then given brand. This work made originally by student of SMP juara Pekanbaru.


Handicraft is one of many kinds of handiwork in which objects are not initially beneficial can be converted into useful items and have high artistic value made only with hands and simple tools.


Interestingly, in order to prepare the competition of Bio Expo School Competion in mid-January some students Pekanbaru fill class meeting time to make some creative instructional media, such as media of digestive system. In addition, students are also preparing recycled products such as veil brooch and flowers from old newspapers. Not only that the children also prepared a hydroponic plant which will also be exhibited on the stand bio expo will be held for five days in FKIP Biology University of Riau.


The raw material in the manufacture of handicrafts ala SMP Juara Pekanbaru is very simple, such as old newspapers and bottle caps, as well as additional material in the form of Glitter, rope and brooch application.


Yuliza Fitri is a teacher assistant in the event said, “With the Bio Expo School Competion on January, it can improve students’ creativity to display their best works in the utilization of useless goods become useful and have high sell value. Students had been practicing since December last year, they are Sefia Misgiani, Selawe, Vazira Octavia, and Sri Khayrani. ”

Newsroom/Adi Hamdani

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