RZ LDKO CilegonPONTIANAK. To help the society in Pontianak due to increasingly thickening haze, RZ fielded some volunteers to distributed free mask to some schools in Pontianak namely SMAN 8 Pontianak, SMK 7 Pontianak Timur and SMA 1 Sungai Kakap, Thursday (10/9).

600 pieces of masks were distributed to students and teachers. In the same time, they were trained how to wear mask correctly.

Previously, RZ had also distributed 1.500 masks in Pekanbaru. “Salute for volunteer of RZ, we’re really appreciate this positive contribution,” Erwin, a teacher of SMK 7 Pontianak Timur, said.

In addition to distribute masks, they also announced that the local residents should check their health condition in RGB RZ clinic to ensure that they secure from the poisonous particles from the smoke.

They hope that it can help the people to anticipate the negative impact from the haze. They also expect that RZ always in advance on responding negative cases especially in Pontianak. ***

Source : http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/15/09/15/nupe9a351-asap-pontianak-makin-tebal-rz-bagikan-600-masker

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