ASIKNYA BERBAGI KEBAHAGIAAN BERSAMA YATIM DI DELI SERDANGDELI SERDANG. RZ inspiring volunteers conducted activity of Sharing with orphans By inviting 7 RZ’s Foster children in ICD Deli Serdang, they are Faisal, Tasya, Reza, Hidalgo, Aspradiansya, Siti and Friska play to various places of recreation in Deli Serdang. Sunday (22/1).

The children were very enthusiastic and happy, accompanied by inspiring volunteer play in Sky Games, continued with shopping at Toserba Selamat, swimming in Bintang Johor pool, walking down to orchards and having lunch in Saung Sobat restaurants.

When returning home, they were welcomed by relatives and talked at length about their enjoyable trip that day.

“Thankyou RZ’s sharing happiness, we are tired after swimming and playing water rides, have a drink and a snack, but we are pleased and happy with new fostered mother and father” said one of the children to Rz inspiring Volunteer.

Thanks to the donators who have channeled aid to Rumah Zakat, let’s continue to bring happiness to them.

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

Deli Serdang

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