ASYIK! WIR GROUP ASAH KREATIVITAS SISWA SD JUARA JAKARTA TIMURJAKARTA. On Tuesday (21/03) SD Juara Jakarta Timur was visited by one of the donors, WIR (We Rule Indonesians, Rise, Rock) Group in the framework of “Sharing Happiness with Character & Creativity” program. The program seeks to equip a winning mentality to the children with emphasis on the strength of character and creativity from an early age. WIR Group is a group that specializes in Brand-led Innovative comprising media companies, technology and entertainment.

WIR Group had been visiting another Sekolah Juara before, and this is the last series of the road show. The students who participated in the event were grade V and VI students and guided by six teachers of the WIR Group to participate in various activities of team work.

The activities of the team work aims to build cohesiveness and creativity of the students. The character is very necessary to prepare students in the current competition of globalization era.

Students were very excited following each activities, they also were appreciated through the assessment points given by the teacher. The points itself earned by each group will be accumulated and the most likely group to collect points will be the winner and get a reward at the end of the event.

Before the announcement of the winner, the students are conditioned to make the conclusion of a series of activities that they followed. And the conclusion of activities they got is: that discipline, creativity and teamwork will be the key of success.

“I see spirit, enthusiast, creative side, and a great willingness in themselves (children) to achieve their dreams. I’m sure one day grow up, they can realize the dream to become the next generation with the spirit and confidence that they build from now.” Said Michelle Andrea, Organization Development Executive officer of WIR Group.

Furthermore, students are introduced to the WIR Group latest technology which made the students impressed. That was a toy car remote control that uses brain sensors to move it. Some students tried to use the toy with great enthusiasm. The event closed with the distribution of rewards and photo session. And the reward given is the product of sponsor who participated in succeeding events of WIR Group activities.

“Hopefully with this activity Siswa juara will be formed positive character and motivated to make a new innovative works that are beneficial to society,” said Mrs. Rahmi, Teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Timur.



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