ASYIKNYA BELAJAR DI PEKAN BERBAGI SENYUM SD JUARA YOGYAKARTAYOGYAKARTA. Kamis (18/08) adalah hari kedua pelaksanaan Pekan Berbagi Senyum (PBS) di SD Juara Yogyakarta. Thursday (08/18) was the second day of Smiles Sharing week (PBS) implementation in SD Juara Yogyakarta. This time, students of SD Juara Yogyakarta visited by a guest teacher named Mr. Alfa Narendra. He worked as a lecturer at one of the universities in Semarang, at the same time he is currently taking doctoral program at UGM.

Today Mr. Alfa share about making two-dimensional figure using simple materials to 4th grade students. Before starting the session, Mrs. Annisa (LSU) who is in charge of this occasion gives a little introduction about the short profile of Mr. Alfa and what will they do today.

After that, the sharing session directly filled by the guest teachers. Firstly Mr. Alfa presented ice breaking by building a warm atmosphere with children. Greeted them with anak juara greeting Which is answered with enthusiasm by the children with the words “Readyyy ….”.

And the atmosphere was getting more exciting when Mr. Alfa began to draw some two-dimensional figure on the board and then ask the children to say the name of each of the image. After that, Mr. Alfa split the students into 5 groups. For then they were asked to make the basic shape of the building (tube big / small, triangular big / small, cube large / small).

“Once you have set, the children were asked to come forward to test this form to be loaded using bottles and sentenced marbles one by one. So it went until the last group. They consider carefully and count how many marbles are capable to be withstand by two dimensional figure replica they created.” Said Arif.

In the end they could conclude that the tubes, smaller but solid most able to withstand loads of marbles in a jar of the most powerful. The children were very happy. At the end of the session, 4th grade students and Mr. Alif took a picture together cheerfully and happily.

“Today everyone is happy and smiling getting new knowledge and experience.” Said Arif.


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