BOYOLALI. In order to celebrate the independence day of indonesia, the village government of Dibal-Boyolali cooperated with youth organization to hold various competitions, followed by representatives from all RTs in Dibal village. One of the competition which was followed by mothers of PKK built by facilitator of Rumah Zakat is cooking competition. The provisions in the cooking competition is using raw materials from cassava, but this time there will be different because the raw material of cassava will be combined with Superqurban corned that provided by the facilitator.

The competition will be held on (27/08) so the participants must practice trying recipes before the competition. On Wednesday (23/08) the mothers assisted by facilitator gathered in Inspiration Hall of Dibal Village received the distribution of Superqurban corned and tried the recipe of croquette dishes made from cassava and corned beef.

“We are very happy because it has been assisted by Rumah Zakat in the form of cooking materials and Superqurban corned, until provided a place to practice as well. Please pray for us to win the competition and hopefully it can be a good deed together,” said Yamti (36yo) one of the participants.

The distribution of the Superqurban corned is expected to increase nutrient intake, increase the spirit in following the guidance activities and introduce Superqurban corned products to the community.


Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto

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