BAGAIMANAPUN KONDISI PASIEN, PETUGAS AMBULAN HARUS TETAP TENANGSURABAYA. Scorching sun in Surabaya did not dampen the spirit of Yudi Irawanto to serve the community. Tuesday afternoon (11/04), he again drove a patient who is about to perform check up.


“When I come the patient’s condition is quite alarming. The family said the patient suffer from stroke and diabetes. When I got there, the patient had complained of pain, “said Yudi.


Once the patient’s family contacted, Yudi immediately rushed to the address given on Jalan Girilaya Gang 6 No. 30, Banyu Urip. Arriving at the patient’s home, Yudi immediately took a patient into an ambulance and took him to the Navy Hospital in Jalan. Gadung 1, Jagir, Wonokromo.


“In the car, the patient continued to complain of pain and screaming. Although I also feel panic, the key of an ambulance officer is not to get panic in any condition. It must be quiet in order to bring patients safely. If we panic, who will console the patient” he said.


It is a common for Yudi Facing patients is screaming or crying in pain. If the condition occurs, he always keeps himself to stay calm so that he can soothe, pray, and deliver patient swiftly and safely.

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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