BANDUNG. Wednesday (02/05) Rumah Zakat again performing distribution of Empowered Family Gift Keluarga in 13 empowered villages spread in Indonesia ie, Negeri Sakti, Tegalgundil, Pantai Cermin, Gemblegan, Pacarejo, Bandung, Kutowinangun, Tawang, Kawahmanuk, Secang, Slangit, Sukamulya , and Samogede. This Powerful Family Gathering is a relief for pre prosperous families in order to meet their basic needs so they can be more empowered.

In each village 3 people who are categorized in the family prosperous receives gifts in the form of cash and directly spent on basic needs. In general, Empowered Village is located in a village far from the city, therefore when the beneficiaries are invited to shop for basic necessities they feel happy, even some new ones first shop to the Supermarkets. Bu Dharmo Surip (74), Mrs. Mujiyem (65) and Mrs. Giyono (70) were recipients of Empowered Family Gift from Bandung Village who felt shocked and confused when they had to shop at the biggest mall in Gunungkidul district.

Another beneficiary is Siti, mother of 3 children who lived away by her husband 5 years ago this is a resident of Karang Village Rt 03/07 Tawang Village Who must struggle alone to earn a living and the cost of his children’s third school.

“Alhamdulillah, Thank you, I did not think we will get this much help from Rumah Zakat,” said Siti.

“May Allah repay all the goodness of the donator who have helped our family,” he added.

Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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