YOGYAKARTA. In Sharing with orphans activities in Yogyakarta, 20 orphans are invited to make Pizza at Pizza Hut Yogyakarta, Jl. Sultan Agung on Wednesday, (01/11). For a full day, 20 orphans follow this activity. Starting from the Pizza Junior Maker program at Pizza Hut, at this event participants are invited to decorate pizza toppings followed by baking the pizza in the oven. After the pizza is cooked, all the participants enjoy their pizza.

The event continued with lunch and as closing activities, participants are invited to shop at Supermarkets. Every child buys the items they need.

Muhammad Michael Herdiansyah, one of Rumah zakat foster child from Umbulharjo is very enthusiastic about following this activity.

“I’m very happy today, I could cook a pizza, it tastes good. I’m also happy to eat Steak, because I never done this before. Hopefully there will be activities like this again tomorrow, “Herdi said happily.\

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