SEMARANG. Sunday (22/10) to be a happy day for the foster Children of Rumah Zakat Semarang, they had the opportunity to follow a series of activities Sharing With the Orphans. The event, entitled ‘Achieve Achievement Achieving Dreams’, was held in Fountain Water Park, Ungaran, Semarang and attended by 70 children.

Outbound concept was selected as one of the series of activities, children are grouped into 11 groups, the name of the group taken from the names of prophet comrades. Before starting outbound each group must create their own group yells and sing the yells spiritedly. After that each group must pass the challenge in 3 Post which has been provided. Balloon train, capture water Ball, guess the Style and catch the fish are the games that children play with joy, for each group that has completed every game they are entitled to enter the pool for swimming.

“The activity is fun, I can swim a bit, I can also play together with my friends,” said Nonik, 6th grade at SD Juara.

Happy greeting was spoken also from Hutomo, the boy who is in grade 5 elementary school admitted very happy with this activity, he also requested that he can be invited again next year.

“The show is fun Thank you, donator, next year please invite me agaib,” he said cheerfully

Once the children are satisfied with the water, the activity is continued by giving motivation, the children are introduced to the profession in the world from pilot to astronaut, the children also write down the ideals or hopes that they want to achieve later. Activities were closed with the announcement of the best groups, winners of the race and prayers together for the donators.

“Thank you to all who have participated, Thank you to the donors, May Allah repay all the goodness of all and give more blessing in life, Aamiin,” said Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Semarang, Listanto.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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