BANDUNG. Friday, (09/06) Rumah Zakat again distributed Eid Gift for Orphans (KLY) at SD Juara Bandung. One of KLY’s beneficiaries is Nazra Naziha (7th), she is 1st grade student of SD Juara Bandung. Ziha used to be called is the first child of 2 siblings. Since 5 years ago, Ziha has become an orphan because Ziha’s father has died.


Ziha currently lives with her grandmother, Dewi Solihati, her mother Dewanti Oktaviani and her 4 year old brother. Since Ziha’s mother had an acute Anemia disease and could not work, it was her grandmother who financed Ziha and family by selling cookies.


Ziha is one of the smartest students in her class, it proves her average score is 81. She is also the brightest and most passionate child of her class, for example when she is learning to dance for Performance art at school, Ziha is the most passionate and gets praise from Bu Ida, her homeroom teacher.


Ziha is one of the elementary students of SD Juara who get Eid gift from donators of Rumah Zakat, ziha was very happy receiving the gift. “I am happy to gift dress for lebaran (Eid), I like the dress, Thank you Mother and father donator, may you get more sustenance,” Ziha Said happily.


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