Sleep is a time to rest your body after a day of activities. In addition to eating, sleep is needed to make the body fresh again and fit in its activities. Poor sleep or sleep disorders will affect the health.

The risk of high depression will be caused in people who experience sleep disorders. Not only that. sleep disorders will cause breast cancer, prostate cancer to diabetes.

According to Northwestern University research, sleep disorders affect more than 25 percent of the general population and up to 50 percent of older adults. Improving sleep can prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“Patients can also reduce the risk of the disease by increasing sleep time,” the researcher said in a report as reported by msn.com.

Later Northwestern University research published in the journal reveals, sleeping under bright lights can be at risk of diabetes. The researchers conducted a study with 20 volunteers from ages 18 to 40 years for 3 days 2 nights.


The first night, they slept in the dark. On the second night, half of them slept in the dark again while the other half slept in a room with bright lights on it. While the volunteers fell asleep, the researchers conducted comparative studies to track vital signs.


As a result, only sleeping under bright light encourages insulin resistance or diabetes risk factors. When insulin cannot do its job, the body struggles to process sugar.


“Our preliminary findings suggest that one night of light exposure during acute sleep has an impact on measuring insulin resistance,” said lead author Ivy Cheung Mason, PhD, an expert at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine (at the time of the study) Monday (10/12)


For prevention, try to have a good and sufficient sleep pattern. Avoid things that interfere with sleep. Avoid sleeping on the couch, leaving the TV on. And get used to reduce sleep under bright lights.


source: republika.co.id



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