BAJIGUR KACANG IJO JADI MENU ANDALAN DI MARKET DAYJAKARTA. As usual, once a week SD Juara East Jakarta held entrepreneurship activities; Market Day. This time the event was held on Tuesday, (05/09). Market Day is divided into 2 sessions, the first session is at 08.00 WIB and at break time at 10.00 am. The time given each session is quite short, which is about 30 minutes.

Special and Favorite menu on Market Day this time is mung bean bajigur beans that sold very affordable for the students, which is worth Rp. 1,000, 00 / pack. Traditional warm drinks are sold by Azam Al-Ghifari.

In addition to mung bean bajigur, there are some other foods sold, such as lontong isi, donuts, fried noodles, cassava chips, emping, pudding, mendoan and many others.

Market Day participants are 4th grade students, they are very happy participating the activity, like Nazwa, Nayla, Ayla and Bagir. The participants are very enthusiastic and look independent in preparing the table wares. At the time of sale and purchase transactions, the sellers look busy because many buyers are swarming. Not only students, the parents of students also come to buy product sold by children.

After 30 minutes passed, all the products sold by the students sold out. They also directly calculate the money from the sale. A Nazwa smile as her products is sold out on Market Day. “If only I could sell every day, later the profits can be saved,” Nazwa said while counting the money she held.

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