BAND THE CHANGCUTERS PROMOSIKAN, Bandung -“Choose Qurban, choose the super one Bro!” Read a banner in one point of Jl. Turangga Bandung. The banner with five personnel of The Changcuters and a can of Qurbany corned with Superqurban brand.

Superqurban Corned not a trademark, but the corned brand of donators who performed qurbany worships in Rumah Zakat, Zakah institution headquartered in Jalan Turangga, Bandung. Since 2000 has been serving donors who want to perform qurbany worship in an unconventional way.

The Changcuters Band is one of the benefactors who subscribed to Rumah Zakat. The band from Bandung consisting of Tria, Qibil, Alda, Dipa, Erick began performing qurbany worship at Rumah Zakat since 2008.

“The Changcuters is old donators, since 2008. They represent our young donors,” said Strategic Marketing Division Head Rumah Zakat, Mariska Yesi Indira, when met by Bandung Merdeka at Rumah Zakat Headquarters, Jalan Turangga, Bandung, Monday (5/9) ,

In the next development, The Changcuters willing to support RZ’s programs, in particular the promotion of Superqurban. The target is young people who are able to sacrifice.

“The Changcuters promote Superqurban, Superqurban can make qurbany meat is more durable and have many benefits,” She said.

She added that one of the benefits Superqurban is able to reach difficult locations, such as disaster areas.

More recently, RZ worked with the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture to help the outer islands of Indonesia, namely west Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua. “We supply 30 thousand cans of Superqurban corned from donator to the outer island,” said Jessica.

Not only in Indonesia, Superqurban also distributed to overseas communities affected by disasters, such as Rohingya, Myanmar, Nepal, Syira.


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