BANGUNAN UNTUK LEMBAGA PENDIDIKAN DAYUNG ILMULANGKAT. (03/15) Rumah Zakat is committed to improve education quality that include infrastructure improvements to ensure that all Indonesian children get a quality education and equitable. One way is to provide assistance from Rumah Zakat’s donators to establish educational institutions named Lembaga pendidikan Dayung Ilmu. Lembaga pendidikan Dayung Ilmu is a non-formal education located in Perlis Villages , Langkat District, North Sumatra.

“Initially we saw in this village there were no non-formal educational institutions such as library. Usually the village children read books they borrow from the school in a small cottage located next stall one of the residents (Hamlet V Melur) or at Babalan riverside or above the canoe / boat. This is what makes me together with my colleagues in IMADIKLUS (Student Association of non formal education Indonesia) Region-4 that includes Campus in Sumatra such as Unimed, UNP, UNIB, UNSRI and UNRI initiated to establish a local library and a place to conduct non formal education which named ” Lembaga Pendidikan Dayung Ilmu – Perlis Village”. Initiator of the establishment of pendidikan Dayung Ilmu, Alawi said.

“The whole Perlis village community very grateful and very pleased with the assistance Rumah Zakat’s Donator. With the help expected to raise the standard of public education in perlis village. “Revealed Alawi

“Alhamdulillah construction of semi-permanent buildings with an area of 7 x 5 M has entered into a stage of installation of roof and wall. The development process began with the first stone laying ceremony of the Village Head of Perlis District of West Berandan, Mr. Junaidi Salim on Thursday, March 9 ” Alawi Said

“The cost of this assistance is the result of campaign of Rumah Zakat through www.sharinghappiness.org” the responsible of development program, Anto said.

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