KUNINGAN. (26/11). Bhakti Karya Waste Bank located in Puhun RT 06 RW 03 Kel. Sukamulya, Cigugur Sub-district, Kuningan Regency is one of Rumah Zakat programs in the field of environment which was initiated by the Sukamulya- Empowered Village facilitator.

This Waste Bank activity is routinely held once a week where residents deposit garbage to be stored in the Waste Bank. Last week there were 173 kg of trash that was worth selling.

“Alhamdulillah, this month the sale of garbage earned 657,000 rupiah from four times weighing,” said Mr. Uci, as the Sukamulya Empowered Village facilitator.

And to create a clean and beautiful environment the facilitator in collaboration with the head of RT 06 and the residents painted on the walls and fences of residents’ houses and planted crops in front of people’s houses such as chili, celery and leeks.


“I, as the head of RT 06, would like to express my gratitude to Rumah Zakat for providing support and assistance to us.” Said Pak Otong, as chairman of RT 06.



Nurul Ulfa Ajidin / Abdullah Tsabit

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