CIKARANG. Monday (29/05) Bank Sampah Sempu (BSS) Rumah Zakat Empowerment had been celebrating the 4th anniversary. BSS cadres and participants was very enthusiastic and cheerful to celebrate the 4th anniversary Sempu Trash Bank. Located at the mosque of Mujahidin Jababeka Industrial Estate Kp. Sempu RT. 04/04 Pasir Gombong Village, North Cikarang Subdistrict, Bekasi.

The celebrating of Sempu Trash Bank also enliven with Share the Ifthar Package from Rumah Zakat, 250 people attended from the community of Pasir Gombong Village, community leaders, Pemdes Pasir Gombong, Head of Bekasi Trash Bank and their staffs.

In the celebration of Sempu Trash Bank was also attended by Hapli, Chairman of Bank Sampah Bekasi (BSB). He highly apreciate the Sempu Trash Bank role in a variety of very interesting programs.

“Sempu Trash Bank is very good to educate Not only in the scope of Trash Bank, but also other social activities, may increase the benefits for the community,” said Hapli

In addition, Mimin, the Village Head lady of Pasir Gombong Village was also present, in his speech she supported the existence of Sempu Trash Bank and will facilitate for the creativity of Mothers in Village of Pasir Gombong. ” Moms ! in my house there is a sewing machine, to build our creativity. i invited to be utilized.” Said Ms. Mimin as the head lady of Pasir Gombong village.

In celebration also present ustadz Imam Hambali, the coach of Trash Bank Kab. Bekasi to give tausiyah and motivation About Tazkiyah (Purification), “In this month of Ramadan not only focus on ourselves, but the environment must be considered to feel comfortable,”. Ustadz Imam said.

Sempu Trash Bank It’s a program of Kampung Berseri Rumah Zakat empowerment, has been giving real service to help solve garbage problem in Pasir Gombong Village four years. it proved by the presence of garbage school, Garbage Garbage Movement, illiterate school, the movement of 100 bioporis / RT, Sosilita Sempu Berbagi (SOSBEG ), Eco Brick Gathering, Recorded 40 active Nasbah and 150 Waste Bank Participants, Hopefully continue to give more services to the community so that more and more people feel the benefits.

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