Wednesday (04/10), garbage is a crucial problem that has not been solved maximally, both on a local and global scale. It is also experienced by the people of Desa Pedalaman, Tayan Hilir District, Sanggau District, West Kalimantan.

Seeing this problem, PT Samudera Indonesia in cooperation with Rumah Zakat established Trash Bank. The Trash Bank is one of the activities in the community empowerment program as a social responsibility to the local community called Kampung Lestari.

Once every week, the people who joined into the customer will be given a savings book as proof of having deposited the garbage. Garbage received at Bank Trash include cardboard, beverage cans, aluminum, plastic bottles, and books. In addition to saving the waste, customers also get training processing waste into useful goods and economic value.

Tayan Hilir sub-district secretary, Ade Wawan Januardi mentioned that addressing the garbage problem. “Garbage is one of the problems for the community. But here, garbage is no longer a problem. If we say, once the garbage was the source of the disease, but now the waste becomes a source of money for the inland villagers, “he said.

He hopes the activities undertaken by mothers in the village of Lestari Samudera Indonesia can be emulated by others so that Tayan Hilir become one of the clean districts from the garbage to the front

He also added that the existence of the Trash Bank program in Kampung Lestari would be an ideal solution, exchange garbage with rupiah is a brilliant idea, and build public awareness with a humanist approach is the Zakat House expertise.

Head of Rural Village, Sunarto explained that Kampung Lestari program also conducts reforestation activities, consecration work, happy gymnastics in collaboration with the sub-district, and BKMT Tayan Hilir. community nutrition activities in the form of cultivation either with the hydroponic system, or conventional also done.

As a company committed to government regulation in carrying out its social obligations and responsibilities, PT Samudera Indonesia together with Rumah Zakat can initiate a change the community attitude in Pedalaman Village to care about the environment. In addition to the achievement in terms of increasing the level of cleanliness that impacts the presence of public health, the economy also participated lifted.

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