bantu-korban-banjir-grobogan-rz-salurkan-4-tangki-air-bersihGROBOGAN. Floods occurred in Gubug district Grobogan Regency on Sunday (10/09) is still causing some problems for residents in some villages in which have the most severe affect by the disaster. One of them is the clean water crisis. Lack of clean water for drinking, making residents feel is very difficult to conduct for other sanitation activities, such as for the toilets and washing clothes.

On Friday (11/04) RZ Semarang Volunteers assisted by Gubug Head Village Head Mr. Teguh and the team carried out the distribution of aid for clean water in two villages affected by floods in Gubug district, the villages are milir and Kemiri village.
In the distribution, the volunteers deliver clean water as much as four tank cars which is equal to 16,000 liters of water were distributed in 4 point of distribution, 2 points in Kemiri village and 2 points in Milir village.

The condition of the people is now quite conducive. The dam has been repaired. Although the access road is not as smooth paved roads impassable but good enough even for large vehicles such as water tank truck.

Residents seem already carrying jerry-cans and buckets when the tanker comes. Children and parents enthusiastically stand in line while waiting for their turn, even some people seen running carrying jerry cans for clean water.

“Thankyou so much RZ, Alhamdulillah we can get clean water. Water in my house is muddy. Sometimes I don’t have water at all “said Mbah Sutinah with a smile.

Gratitude and words of prayer also did not escape given by one of the residents. According to Mr. Sadi, head of RT 3 RW 6 Kemiri, he was grateful for the assistance of clean water from, greatly helped citizens and grateful for the help, may God responded with kindness, too.

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