JAKARTA. Rumah Zakat keep trying to empower the people of Indonesia to be economically independent by providing business capital assistance to the assisted members in various empowered villages of Rumah Zakat.


One of the empowered villages of Rumah Zakat is located in Kayumanis Village, East Jakarta, 4 beneficiaries of business assistance program in Berdaya kayumanis Village are Neng, Rahayu, sri suharyati, and cicah. These four members have different businesses.


Neng got business assistance for her vegetable shop, Rahayu got business assistance for gorengan business, sri suharyati got business assistance for her combro business, while cicah got assistance for side dishes business.


Through the Empowered  Village Facilitator, Rumah Zakat not only provides assistance in the form of business capital, but also provides mentoring and supervision, while mentoring is given in the form of Entrepreneurship Education, Good Manufacturing Product, Product Strengthening and Marketing.


Facilitator of Kayumanis Empowered Village, Adhy said that the beneficiaries of the venture capital aid are very helpful, “Thank God for the distribution of venture capital to some of the members built on Thursday, they are very grateful to Rumah Zakat for giving assistance to them” Adhy said.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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