LIMBORO. Husnia (45 yrs) is the mother of her five children, the wife of Abdu Rahman who is a peasant worker. After suffering more than two years of paralysis, Husni currently preoccupied with teaching children and adolescents in her hamlet, Lebukan Hamlet, Tandassura Village, Limboro Sub-district, West Sulawesi.

Husnia pure does it all despite receiving no allowances from the government since the village government only accommodates benefits only for one teacher per village. Proven already two years of this profession is lived, with the number of students more than 20 people.

When the Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat visited Husniah’s house, she was escorted by one of the santri’s parents. With a friendly Facilitator was greeted and told by Husnia about the obstacles faced during her teaching taught.

“One of Mother’s obstacles while teaching is less Al-Quran. The students must wait in line if they want to do the learning process,” she told us.

At the end of the visit, we gave donations to him to support the marriage ceremony. “Thank you, Rumah Zakat for his donations and visits to us, hopefully getting more advanced.” Husnia Said.

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