BANTUAN EKONOMI RZ PERBARUI SEMANGAT IRMASEMARANG. As we care for the poor economy, RZ Semarang channell economic aid for Irma in (11/01) in RZ branch Semarang.


Irma (25) has a food stall in the industrial area of the temple. A food stall that has been running for about a year and during this time the businesses have ups and downs.


There are some problems that she experienced, including the reduction of target market because now a lot of employees that used to be consumers bring their own lunches from home. In addition there is also a program of factory lunch at several divisions so a little more influence turnover.


Thin capital for entrepreneurs like her certainly is sufficient to affect the condition of the capital. Assistance provided by donors through the RZ is perceived for Irma’s benefit.


Seeing these conditions, one of the RZ donors entrust his donation to RZ Semarang Branch, for the needs of the economy. “Thank God, thank you for the help, it is very helpful for me.” Said Irma while receiving assistance

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