ROKAN HULU. Marni is one of the residents in Sei Emas Kepenuhan Barat Empowered Village, Kapenuhan Subdistrict Rokan Hulu. In her 59 years, Marni should be the backbone of her family in fulfilling their daily needs as a rubber tapping laborer. It is because her husband is old and cannot work anymore.

“The income is only enough to meet the needs from week to week,” said Marni

For Marni who lives very simply with her husband, work as a rubber tapping laborer is a tough job but until now she has not has alternative work so that she must keep working as a laborer.

To help Marni, Rumah Zakat through Empowered Village Facilitator Basrul Yunus provides economic assistance in the form of procurement of cages and dozens of chicken to Marni for breeding (25/10).

Basrul also hopes with the chicken given in some the next month will produce chicken eggs and chickens that are ready for sale in the market.

Newroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah
Rokan Hulu

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