BANGLADESH. Director of Rumah Zakat Empowerment, Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IHA reviewed the location of Indonesian clinical activities in Jamtoli camp which will be visited by President RI Ir. Joko Widodo this Sunday.

Throughout 2017, Rumah Zakat has distributed aid for Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh. As for the assistance provided such as food packages for 88,155 people, health services for 14,130 people, 3,350 packages of water tanks and hygiene kits, clothes for 1,600 people, shelter for 200 people, 10 toilet and 20 water hand pump, and 1 unit school emergency.

“Until now, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team is still in Bangladesh for the distribution of aid for Rohingya refugees there,” explained Murni Alit Baginda, Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat. “The Rumah Zakat Humanity Team will continue to work in Bangladesh for the next year, we change the team every two weeks,” added Murni. Saturday (27/01/2018).

In the Year 2018, Rumah Zakat Assistance Program for Rohingnya refugees that will be presented include: Mobile Clinic, Medical assistance, provision of doctors and medical personnel, Shelter Development, Water Supply, Food Aid, Solar Cell Energy Assistance for shelter lighting and Qur’an Education, and Emergency school supplies.


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