MYANMAR. Most of the one million Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar live in the state of North Rakhine. They suffered severe persecution as a minority, the state refused to recognize them as a legitimate ethnicity.

Now they live without citizen status and lose basic rights as human beings. Three UN sources say that about 27,400 Rohingya Muslims have crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar since last Friday (09/01).

The International Organization for Migration said, as they fled to Bangladesh, hundreds of Rohingyas were stranded in no man’s land on the border of those countries (source: Republika).

Since 31 August 2017, Rumah Zakat humanitarian program team has been in Myanmar to help Rohingya Muslims residing in the villages in the hinterland of Sittwe. Villagers have limited access and resources because they are forbidden to leave their village by the authorities there.

Infrastructure such as building houses, clean water, and drainage were in poor condition.  To help residents in these villages, Rumah Zakat initiated various programs, such as the distribution of qurbani animals, the distribution of Superqurban corned beef and Superqurban rendang, the initiation of the construction of the Emergency School and the provision of educational facilities for Muslim Rohingya children.

“Since they cannot get out of the village and are not recognized by their citizenship, the children do not have access to formal education. Therefore, Rumah Zakat with Human Concern International (HCI) initiated Emergency School here, “explained Andri Murdianto, Coordinator of Humanitarian Action of Rumah Zakat in Myanmar.

Newroom /Ria Arianti

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