BANTUAN KESEHATAN KEPADA FAHRI PENDERITA OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTBANDUNG. Saturday, (05/06) Rumah Zakat distributed medical aid to Muhammad Fahri Asidiq (11) at his residence, Jalan Cipadung RT 02 RW 04, Cipadung Village, Cibiru District, Bandung. After conducting campaign “Bantu Fahri” by Rumah Zakat partners, such as and, last week the first stage aid was distributed.


Fahri has a rare genetic disease, Osteogenesis Imperfect (OI) that makes the bones fragile and breaks easily. Someone who was born with OI, will likely be carrying OI for the rest of his life. In other words, Fahri has a high risk for broken bones.


When visited by Rumah Zakat’s Team, Fahri was asleep and accompanied by her mother, Sri Astati Nursani (32 Years). Donations channeled by Rumah Zakat are accepted by Fahri’s mother who will be used for medicinal purposes and nutritious food intake for Fahri.


In his daily life, to get rid of his boredom occasionally Fahri plays the gadgets he gets from donators. Due to his limited mobility, Fahri is active in his instagram social media @ m.fahri1933 while lying on a mattress.


A lot of help came to help Fahri, whether directly or indirectly. “Alhamdulillah, thank you for the care of donators who have provided assistance to my child, easy to use and apologize we even become troublesome for you all” Sri Astati said.

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