BATAM. Rionas Chanda, is a vegetable trader in a housing estate in Kel. Belian kec. Batam City. Early in very day, Rionas goes to the market to buy vegetables that will be sold back to buyers in his hometown to meet his life needs.

But not all human experience goes perfectly, one day when Rionas was about to go to the market to shop by riding motorcycle taxi, suddenly on the way there is a motorcycle driver speeding from another direction with high speed so that the collision can not be avoided. Rionas crashed and bumped into his head until bleeding, people who saw the location of the incident immediately took him to Awal Bros Hospital, Lubuk Baja, Batam Center, Riau Islands.

At that time Rionas was treated in the ICU in critical condition, after doctors do the examination turned out to occur bleeding in the back of the brain. Doctors suggest to do surgery immediately with the removal of the shell so that his life could be saved.

The income earned from selling vegetables can not cover the hospital’s cost. While the cost required for the operation reaches hundreds of millions, until finally the Rionas family is struggling to meet the cost of medical administration for surgery.

Alhamdulillah with the help of the donors Rumah Zakat through can ease the burden of Mr. Rionas and his family to pay for hospital fees and treatment. The aid was distributed on Tuesday (06/06) and with the distribution of 2 stages of payment to the hospital and direct disbursement for running medical expenses Mr. Rionas.

At this time Mr. Rionas’s condition has started to improve, but it still feels pain occasionally, Mr. Rionas should consume medicine every day. As a result of the accident yesterday and post operation Mr. Rionas can not do the usual work to support the family, he still had to rest for his health quickly recovered as usual.

“Alhamdulillah I say to God and thank you as much as possible to Rumah Zakat and the donors who have eased the burden of the cost of the hospital during the operation yesterday, May the charity of Zakat House and donors acceptance and reciprocation as best as possible by Allah SWT. Aamiin, “said Mr. Rionas.

Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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