SUKABUMI. Thursday, (05/25) Rumah Zakat channeled medical aid to Siti Maesaroh, a very inspiring blind woman. Behind her limitations in vision, Siti Maesaroh (34) is an extraordinary female figure.


Maesaroh’s fighting spirit never goes out, she does not want to burden her parents who work as farm laborers. In her limitations, she incised a lot of achievements, such as champions of da’wah, champion of BTQ (Read and Write Quran) and tahfidz quran. Although Maesaroh is a blind, she can operate laptops and mobile phones without help of others.


A few months ago, Maesaroh was stricken with a disease that required her to seek treatment, but due to limited costs she could not continue her treatment. Maesaroh’s wish for medical treatment was so high that she dared to sign up for one of the health guides independently.


But with no income, Maesaroh cannot pay monthly dues to date. She has a desire to have her own income in order to pay the arrears that are getting bigger each month.


Seeing such conditions, Rumah Zakat provides health funding for Siti Maesaroh. The funds will be used to pay off the health insurance arrears, while the rest will be used as capital to become a source of income from now on.


“I thank Rumah Zakat who has approved the request, hopefully more and more people who give charity of his property to Rumah Zakat, and I also pray that those who gave charity given more sustenance than what has been given.” Maesaroh said with gratitude.

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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