CILEGON, Tuesday (08/20). Thursday (15/08) at 09.30 West Indonesian Time a fire broke out at a rented house of Mrs. Adlifah (60 years old) at Link. Tegal Padang RT 03/03 Kebon Dalem, Purwakarta District Cilegon City.

At the time of the fire Mrs. Adlifah was cooking, she left the house to look for her child who was in her neighbor’s house. When she returned, the smoke was seen coming out of her house. Seeing that the fire was getting bigger they immediately tried to save themselves and their neighbors. The fire was caused by the stove fire which spread to the regulator gas hose.

Three fire truck units went down to the location to extinguish the already enlarged fire. Alhamdulillah, there were no casualties and the fire did not spread to other places in this incident. Adlifah’s mother suffered losses estimated at 7 million Rp.

Rumah Zakat Action immediately responded to the incident by providing assistance in the form of cash for daily needs.

“We are deeply moved and thankful to Rumah Zakat for helping us ease the burden of this disaster,” said Mrs. Adlifah.


Lailatul Istiqomah | Hanaa Afifah

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