2305 BANTUAN MODAL SFA STEAK DAN RESTO BERDAYAKAN USAHA DHUAFASOLO. SFA steaks and resto with Rumah Zakat again conducted empowerment program. On this occasion, donation is in the form of business capital assistances to 3 small business owners in Kadipiro and Sangkrah village, on 7 – 9 May 2017.

Before distributing business capital assistance, Rumah Zakat facilitator visited and did survey to each business owners. The beneficiaries consist of 3 people who have coconut ice business, drinks and cakes. With the help of this capital we hope their business will be grow.

It is Nur Aziz (35 years old) who works as a construction laborer and owns the coconut ice business in Utara Perempatan Komplang, Kadipiro. Previously he selling coconut ice with assisted by his wife using a used table and a coconut pickup, thanks to the help of capital from SFA, now my coconut cart has coconuts stock.

“Thank you for the capital assistance from SFA and Rumah Zakat. My income as a worker is insufficient for the five of us right now. I and my wife sold coconut ice with a makeshift table before. Got a cart is really a dream all this time. “Mr. Aziz said with a happy.

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